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How to Use SizeGenetics to Make Your Penis Bigger (Explicit Photos)

February 2nd, 2018

Let’s get one thing straight—there are no male enhancement pills, including Extenze pills, that will enlarge your penis. It just isn’t possible.

If you see advertisements for male enhancement pills that promise to make your penis bigger, you can be sure it’s a scam. Don’t waste your money!

Can you make your penis bigger—naturally? Without surgery? The answer is a definite YES. But it does take a certain amount of time and dedication.


How would you like to add an inch to your penis? Or even two inches, or more?

You CAN do it if you really want to.

How? With something called a penis extender.

What is a Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a male enhancement device that you attach to your penis. You set it so that it gently pulls, stretching your penis. Over time, your penis will become larger.

How much time? You need to wear the device for hours a day for a period of months.

SizeGenetics Extender

The good news is that the best penis extenders are comfortable and can be worn under your pants. Many men report that they get used to wearing a penis extender—and once they start to see results they don’t mind wearing it at all!

The other thing to keep in mind is that the results are permanent. This means that once you go through the process of wearing the device and making your penis bigger, you don’t have to wear it anymore.

You will have a bigger penis forever!

The Science Behind Penis Extenders

Have you ever seen photos of African tribes and how some of them stretch their earlobes, lips, noses, and even their necks?

how to use SizeGenetics

African tribes do this by applying a constant, yet gentle pressure to what they want to stretch. The stretching causes the tissue cells to duplicate.

You don’t have to go to Africa to see this. People in this country often insert discs into their earlobes, causing them to gradually enlarge.

Making your penis bigger with a male enhancement device like an extender works on the same principle. The best penis extenders have been scientifically designed to enlarge your penis as efficiently, safely, and comfortably as possible. They really work!

The Best Penis Extender is SizeGenetics

I recommend trying the SizeGenetics penis extender. It’s actually the original extender and is still considered the “Rolls Royce” of extenders.

It’s made with the highest-quality materials—in fact, it’s even considered a class one medical device. That’s because the SizeGenetics extender was originally used to help men recover from penis surgery.

Then the doctors realized that it was effective at actually enlarging the penis as well. Now the SizeGenetics penis extender is used in clinics around the world.

Here is what the SizeGenetics device looks like. (Please click on the image to go to the official SizeGenetics website).

SizeGenetics Device

The SizeGenetics extender is superior to other penis extenders because of three things:

Strength: The SizeGenetics extender offers up to 2,800 grams of tension. This means that you will enlarge your penis faster than if you used other extenders. Faster results mean less time wearing the extender.

Safety: A lot of extenders are made with cheap plastics made in China. These can easily crack and break. Do you really want to attach a device to your penis that might suddenly snap in half? SizeGenetics is made with superior high-quality medical materials that won’t slip or break.

Comfort: SizeGenetics has an Advanced Comfort System that enables you to lock the extender into 58 different settings. Just find the most comfortable setting for you. If the device is comfortable, you can wear it for longer periods of time—-getting results quicker.

It might be difficult to imagine just how to use a penis extender like SizeGenetics. Here is a promotional video for the device. There is an animation of exactly how to use the device starting at the 2:20 mark if you want to skip ahead.

Get SizeGenetics For Free!

There’s one more thing about SizeGenetics that makes it appealing. You can get it for free!

Quality penis extenders aren’t cheap. Like I said, the SizeGenetics device is an actual medical device, so you’ll pay for that kind of quality.

Here’s the deal. First you pay for the device. Then you take a photo of your penis next to a ruler before you start using the device. Then, after you’ve enlarged your penis, take another photo.

Send this photo in to the company and they might use it as a testimonial for their product. But whether they do or not they’ll send you a full reimbursement for the entire cost of the p!

Believe me, it’s worth it to them to get these kind of visual testimonials they can use for promotion. Here’s an example of the type of male enhancement testimonial photos you’ll find on their website.

before and after one

But what if you use the extender, or try to use it, and your penis doesn’t get bigger? You can still get a full refund by returning the device.

The company that makes SizeGenetics allows you a whopping 6 months to try out the device. If it doesn’t work simply return it.

SizeGenetics Guarantee

So you can either enlarge your penis for free (by sending in the photo) or you can get your money back. This is a great deal and pretty unheard of for a male enhancement device!

Here are some more photos of men who have learned how to use the SizeGenetics device to enlarge their penis. By sending in these before-and-after photos these customers were refunded the entire purchase price!

before and after two

Let’s face it. A larger penis feels better inside a woman than a smaller one does. I mean, have you seen the size of dildos that women like? They’re not small.

And a larger penis is more visually appealing. It’s nicer to touch, hold, and look at. The thought of a nice, large penis gets women in the mood.

Maybe even more important, though, is the confidence you’ll feel when you’ve added an inch or two to your penis. And when it comes to sex, confidence is everything.

Imagine taking off your clothes and having a woman get genuinely excited when she sees your big cock. It’s the best feeling in the world!

A lot of men dream about having a bigger penis, but you can actually make those dreams a reality with the SizeGenetics penis extender. And if you don’t learn how to use SizeGenetics, other men will, so don’t wait!


Talking About Erectile Dysfunction

March 10th, 2017

At the conclusion of a National Institute of Health consensus development conference on impotence, held last December in Bethesda, Md., a draft of the consensus statement faulted primary-care physicians for not doing enough to help the estimated 15% to 25% of men who have erectile dysfunction by the age of 65. Too few internists and family physicians take the initiative to openly discuss sexual function of the penis during office visits, the panel concluded, and many remain as misinformed about male enhancement products such as Extenze and as embarrassed about the topic as their patients. Many physicians do not even know that diabetes can cause impotence, the panel noted.

But impotence can usually be effectively treated with natural male enhancement products such as Extenze, the panel noted. Psychological therapy is almost always helpful, regardless of the cause. What is imperative is care and sensitivity to the patient’s distress, a detailed sexual history–preferably with the patient’s sexual partner present basic neurologic tests and an individual treatment plan for fixing the erectile dysfunction.

Are primary-care physicians doing as poor a job on impotence as the panel claimed? If so, why, and how can they learn to raise the subject of penis health with their male patients? Should they be treating the condition themselves, recommending male enhancement products like Extenze, or referring out to urologists who can take a look at the penis–or to psychiatrists who can determine whether the erectile dysfunction is psychological in nature?

These and other contentious issues were addressed in a roundtable discussion of erectile dysfunction by four experts in the field of penis health, as well as by a family physician who has taught the subject to medical students.

Would you agree with the NIH conference’s conclusion that primary-care physicians are not doing a very good job of dealing with male impotence? Should they be recommending more natural male enhancement products?

Dr. Ferentz: I just got back from a class, teaching medical students how to take a sexual history and to ask questions about the health of the patient’s penis. I think we are training our students and our residents in family medicine to be very sensitive to sexual issues and to take good sexual histories and, if it’s within the purview of an FR to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction, and if not to make the appropriate referral. I would advise doctors to look into products like Extenze to see if they are appropriate for treating the patient’s erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Sadock: I agree with Dr. Ferentz. In our own medical center we are giving lectures at this point to the medical students at large–and they obviously haven’t chosen their specialties yet– regarding taking a sexual history and inquiring about penis health as they take a general medical history. Whether they continue that as they undergo further training, I’m not sure. But they are being introduced to products like Extenze and what these male enhancement pills can do to treat problems like erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Whitehead: I don’t think the problem is so much the education; that is changing now. But I still think a lot of physicians have a difficult time talking about sexual issues and penis health, primarily due to the doctor’s feelings of discomfort concerning things like the penis, erectile dysfunction, and male enhancement.

Dr. Korenman: I believe that the patients are the ones who are doing a better job. The media have had many presentations related to impotence and erectile dysfunction, with programs on Donahue and commercials promoting male enhancement products such as Extenze. So patients feel much less ashamed coming to a physician saying, “Listen, I have this problem; can you get me some Extenz?”

Dr. Goldstein: I’d certainly agree with Dr. Korenman. I think there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Our epidemiologic studies would suggest that half the men age 40 to 70 will have some problem with impotence, whether it be minimum, moderate or complete. There’s still a reticence on the part of doctors and patients to discuss things like erectile dysfunction and the state of the penis, yet it has significant impact on their life and their well-being.